Complete Commercial; Highly Summarized Short Report

$85 – $1,500 Call for quote / 20-35 pages

The Complete Commercial Appraisal, Communicated in a Standardized Form Report is a complete appraisal communicated to the client in a Standardized Form Report format used by many mortgage lenders. All Commercial Appraisals completed by Robert of Appraisal of Kentucky are fully USPAP, and FIRREC compliant, and meet the stringent standards set forth by the Appraisal Foundation, The Appraisal Standards Board, The Appraisal Subcommittee and The Kentucky Real Estate Appraiser’s Board.

The location of the property
Like most real estate sales, commercial real estate location will be a significant factor in its value and the security part can be taken care with the curtain walling in West midlands for the store front.

The appraiser will consider the surrounding area, the property’s access to transportation and amenities, and any potential zoning changes that could affect the property’s value.

The condition of the property
If the commercial property’s condition is poor, it will likely be valued lower than a similar property in good condition.

The appraiser will take photos and notes of any damage or repairs that need to be made.

The size of the property
The commercial property’s size is another critical factor that will affect its value.

The appraiser will measure the property’s square footage and compare it to similar properties in the area.

The type of commercial property
Different types of commercial properties are valued differently.

For example, an office building will be valued differently than a retail store.

The appraiser will consider the type of property when estimating its value.

Recent sales of similar properties
When appraising commercial real estate, the appraiser will research recent sales of comparable properties in the area.